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Pam Salamone Calls Out Eversource

Utility Regulators should be elected and accountable to Eversource Customers. 

Pam will lead the fight in the House of Representatives to roll back the unwarranted, unfair and massive rate hikes imposed on Eversource customers. The politicians in Hartford who voted for SB 9 which enabled Eversource to stick us with this rate increase should be held accountable.  

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August 13, 2020

Salamone Slams PURA, Calls for Elected Public Utility Board

Pam Salamone, Republican candidate for State Representative in the 103rd district (Cheshire, Southington, and Wallingford) today announced that she will submit legislation establishing an elected public utility commission and vows to lead the fight to get it passed.

“Our Public Utilities Regulatory Authority is led by three unelected, politically-connected bureaucrats who have cozy relationships with overpaid, out-of-touch Eversource executives and their influence-peddling lobbyists,” said Salamone. “These people are not looking out for ratepayers.

“After Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, Hartford politicians wrung their hands, and said we had to improve post-storm response times and harden the electrical system. But the only thing these useless legislators did was pass Senate Bill 9 in 2018, which enabled Eversource to hit us with a massive rate increase last month–with many more increases to come over the next decade.

“The huge rate hike and dismal storm response prove that the current system isn’t working,” said Salamone. “Legislators aren’t paying attention to utility issues, and appointed commissioners aren’t watching out for ratepayers. With an elected utility commissioner, the public will know who’s responsible for decisions that determine rates and service.

“Virtually everything we do depends on electricity. Those who provide it have a public trust, which we recognize by guaranteeing this electricity monopoly a huge profit. The Eversource CEO is raking in $19 million in salary and bonuses this year, courtesy of the overburdened ratepayers who are held hostage by the Hartford cabal. For what we pay, we must demand rates we can afford and service we can rely on. Someone needs to hold these coddled monopolies responsible. That’s not happening under the current set-up.

“Ratepayers have no voice–we just pay the bills, then get sold out by the powers that be, time and again. Connecticut homeowners and small businesses pay the highest electricity rates by far in the continental United States. Enough is enough—let’s try a new way.”

Paid for and Approved by Pam Salamone 2020. William J. Stanley, Treasurer.